For Crying Out…. Massage

Crying Massage

Essential oils, strong hands, calming music, muscle relaxation and a river of tears. This shouldn’t be the usual combination for a massage but my 2 hour massage ended like this.

I’m not sure what it is about a massage, perhaps the relaxation of your entire body and the ability to let your mind go. Sometimes this can open up some pathways in our mind that had been previously shut or locked deep away. The rhythmic beats of the tribal drums, the soothing hands of a masseuse and then the tears flow.

One minute I was blissful in my relaxed state and the next minute I was in tears. So perhaps there is such a thing as being too relaxed. Going too deep into ones thoughts can open up feelings and memories that were locked for some reason.

There are lots of other great ways to relax, that hopefully won’t make you cry. Walking along the beach at sunset, taking a dip in the pool or reading a book ( a happy book, no more tears OK)

Note: 2 hour massage after daily 1 hour massages might be a bit too much. Ease into the relaxation and perhaps opt for jasmine incense not ylang ylang…. Now known as wah wah!

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2 responses to “For Crying Out…. Massage

  • jo - living savvy

    Reminded me of a massage that I had in Woolgoolga (quintessential Australian coastal village on the mid north coast of NSW up from Coffs Harbour). It took place in a garage attached to a mobile home in a caravan park on the creek, warm day, slight breeze with the sound of the birds. My masseuse was a full breasted mature woman with a lovely English accent and strong firm hands – very mothering. As we were nearing the end of the massage and I was feeling very relaxed she said “OK, I will now massage your chakras”…I thought ahh yeah whatever (cynical? Not me!)…well whatever she did was magic I drifted off into a fanciful land full of bright colours & amazing visions. Whatever she “tapped” into or touched was out of this world. I have yet to revisit this place where she took me too. A shame really as it was marvellous.


  • Lovelly

    Wow Jo!

    Thanks for the comment!

    That’s a very interesting experience.
    Massages are funny things. Can do strange things to us.

    But in general, good!


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