Kiwis strike back at Aussies

It is so typical of the Aussie/ Kiwi saga that when an article is posted about the 5 reasons to love Australia, the Kiwis have to strike back.


So here is their list of the TEN reasons why we should love New Zealand:


My favourite reason probably being the last- Aussies love us.  Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds! But I will give it to them.,.. we secretly love them.


Often when I travel I am now asked “Why do Aussies and Kiwis hate each other?” and I have to explain that we don’t really hate each other, it’s more of sibling like rivalry. We pay each other out, we call them sheep shaggers, they claim to be better at sports and we steal each others celebrities. But overall, there is a true loving bond between the ANZACs.


But I will add one more to the list of Why people love Australia…..



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