Japan- My first ever trip- Age 1.5

Dad and I return- 19 years on

Dad and I return- 19 years on

In a Kimino at age 4. The Japanese culture and the travel bag would stay with me
In a Kimino at age 4. The Japanese culture and the travel bag would stay with me


This is a recent letter from my Dad to my brother about the VERY FIRST trip I ever took.  It’s amazing to read about my parents travel experiences with me. At the age of just 1.5 years old, I was already on the traveller’s path.


Dad is my guest blogger this week!






Re our trip to Japan when you were very young, in 1989.  This is what I remember:


We flew on Japan Air lines (JAL) 747 from Sydney – Tokyo – London. The Tyo – Lon sector was about 12 hours via the North Pole and we saw some great snow and ice covered lands and mountain sights en-route from the plane’s windows.


We stayed in the Shinjuku area west of Tokyo in a Ryokan ( traditional Japanese Inn) complete with Rice-Paper screen doors and a wooden bathtub with a saucepan to wash water over yourself with  No shower).  I wasn’t too keen on it but it was an experience.  I remember walking to find the beer can vending machines I had heard about and came back with a couple. They were all over the place as were machines dispensing cold coffee in cans. I saw many people cycling around. We met some people who had travelled from Canada in the recreation section of the Inn.


On the  day after our arrival, the representative from our Japan freight agent (Tokyu Air Services) looked after us for a whole day and evening and took us on a trip to the Temple at Asakusa, one of the features are it’s giant Red lanterns out the front and markets leading up to it.  There was a also a religious procession in the streets nearby that we stood and watched.  I have some recent photos of the temple as I went there in 2008 with Emma.


We also went to Akihabara – a shopping district specialising in electrical items.


During the time in Tokyo, we travelled on the underground system which was very clean and efficient and had a meal in a another area of Tokyo. Mum might remember where? Many local Japanese people wanted to touch Emma as she had bright blond hair and it is supposed to bring good fortune!


I  hope my recollection helps you.





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2 responses to “Japan- My first ever trip- Age 1.5

  • James Lovell

    I love this passage as well as this was my second trip but first in Japan aged 3.5 yrs!

    Well written.



    • Lovelly

      Thanks Jamesie.

      It sure shows why you and I love to travel. It’s in our blood!

      We should so do a reunion trip to Japan- of course in April or March so we can catch some of their amazing snow.

      Well done Dad. Great blog post!


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