Pre Departure Stress

There is always a few times before a trip that you start to doubt the nutty idea you are having to trek all over the known world. And with good reason!

Undertaking an overseas trip is a big thing! It’s exciting, scary, emotional, fun and daunting. You are set for totally new adventures and new experiences with every step you take. For some this sounds like heaven, for others this sounds just horrible. For me, it’s the dream!

BUT! And that’s a big BUT! It does not mean that I don’t worry, feel scared, anxious or nervous before trips. I mean, there is so much to do!

I have over the last few days had a number of “I can’t do it” moments when thinking about my fast approaching trip to India. I have decided to go to not only India, but whilst I’m out the country and spending loads of cash head to another few destinations. I would like to go to Nepal then come back into India to visit another 7 cities before I head to England just in time for Christmas. For New Year I am toying with the idea of Scotland and then on to Germany to visit friends in 3 cities.

Approximately 8 weeks all up. Mostly staying with friends and family. However, it is now dawning on me that I need visas, money (and lots of it), contacts, trip planning and least of all flights!

I started to think… perhaps best not to go. Or I could go to Delhi, India, for the wedding and then just potter on home. I can’t even imagine going on such an adventure now. But then I will get there, see the beauty, feel the bug, and regret greatly the decision.

So, although we have these minutes or hours or even days of doubt, ultimately the experiences we have abroad will reward us in so many other ways that these fears will be long forgotten.

After much fretting and worry, I know I will take this trip and you will read about the many adventures! If you have fears or worries then just acknowledge them, contemplate the various options and decide what is best for you!

The rewards for taking the risks and taking the adventure far outweigh these worries and concerns. Trust me!

Happy travels!

Adventure- What does it mean to you?

Adventures can be far away in Mexico, or in your own backyard

Adventures can be far away in Mexico, or in your own backyard

Tonight I went to see the new Pixar/ Disney movie “UP”. The movie lived up to the laughs shown in the previews and was fun for the whole family. But as always with these movies, there was a much deeper and more powerful message to be found.

Simple as it may be, the movie pointed out that we don’t have to head into the jungle or go to some crazy island, or even leave our homes, to have an Adventure.

Often we have this “grass is always greener” mentality and constantly search for the next big thing, when really, we need not go further then our own front door.

I do love travel and the adventures I have had, but it’s not necessarily due to the destinations or the things I did. It’s WHO I met there, what I FELT there and the SPIRIT of the experience that stays with me. Seeing a great Pyramid in Mexico is wonderful, but if you are in an awful mood or with someone you don’t really care about, or even alone, the experience isn’t half as wonderful.

So let’s stop searching for bigger, better and more exciting. And sometimes just appreciate what we have now.

There are plenty of Adventures out there to be had and plenty of experiences, but it’s what we make of that time we have that is most important!

SEE THE MOVIE! It’s great!

NZ trip!

As promised to my friend about 5 minutes ago, I am going to write my first live post about a trip I will be planning to New Zealand for Snowboarding with my friends.

For the last two years I have been going away with my University, UTS, to a social trip at Thredbo and then to another Australian resort to compete in Snow University Games.

This year we were at Thredbo again for the games and I was competing in 4 events. I cleverly managed to break my back in my last event, slope style, by going off a 5ft jump and landing square on my bottom and jarring my spine. So now in a back brace for 8 weeks, what better to do then plan the next snow filled adventure.

We have decided we want to get all the cool people who love to party, love to get ina  full days skiing, love a laugh and love to travel, to head over to NZ for a week of madness. We’re even going to get T-shirts made, plan theme nights and have challenges. It’s really very similar to our social trip but adding that exclusivity of deciding who goes!

So I will be blogging about resorts, best airlines and best times to travel to Queenstown’s ski resorts!

Enjoy the last of the season any shred heads out there!

Hello world!

Always dream- this can become your reality

Always dream- this can become your reality

This is my blog!

I am looking forward to writing on here to relieve some of my lack of travel stress.

I love to travel and hope you enjoy reading my stories and discussing the topic further with me!