Back at home, reflection time

June 1st 2009 

So 3 days and counting since my last big Adventure ended. Do I feel strange…. Not at all. It’s surprising how easily I can jump back in. I have already attended a party, a dinner and been to good old Northies to surprise more friends. I spent the day at work yesterday and today I slept in and did some washing. HAHAH who would have thought 3 weeks ago I was running around Miami beach, 2 months ago looking at Ruins in Tulum overlooking the ocean, the month before that partying in one of the most heavily populated cities in the world Mexico City and 3 months before that meeting my African Sponsor child in a remote Masai Village in Tanzania. I guess it’s going to take a few days or weeks to kick in and truly realise the joyful, wondrous, amazing and incredible experiences I have had.


It’s important to also note that I did have some tough times along the way.  I lost 2 grandparents within 2 months, I had a few run ins with professors, I had to study and do assignments, I was unable to contact an organisation which nearly meant I didn’t get to meet my child, and don’t even mention the number of times I DID or nearly missed a flight, bus or boat! BUT I MADE IT! And these experiences have taught me so much and only make me want to do more and continue on the many adventures yet to be had!!

About Lovelly

I'm a true traveller. Even when I'm home, I'm travelling at heart. I'm constantly looking at blog sites on travel and checking out the travel deals and you can be assured that I've got the travel and lifestyle channel on in the background. I'm fun, friendly and adventurous. I'm extremely passionate and driven and once I decide I'm doing something, there is no stopping me! I want to incorporate my passion for travel, exploring and excitement into my everyday life. So blogging it is! View all posts by Lovelly

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