Like a kid in a …… Theme Park!!



15 hours, 4 parks, 2 siblings and 1 dream!!! To do it all! The rain didn’t hold out, again!! 12 years ago we went to Disneyland and it rained all day… Lovell luck!

But you know what? We had an awesome day. Bro and sis team, we got all the big rides done, got to all the parks and watched the amazing LIGHTS spectacular parade and then the fireworks over the castle… which brings tears to your eyes. Every kid needs to see the Disney fireworks at some time in their life, even if they are big kids!




Day 2 of the park extravaganza. Raining harder, feet sore, tired and only 9 hours. 2 parks, can we do it? Bet your butt we can!


Incredible hulk, Spiderman, Jurassic park, Popeye, duelling dragons, Dr Seuss’s world and a ridiculous amount more and we got em all done. 2 restaurants and a live show!


Then on to the second world! In 2 hours we got every major attraction done, soaked to the bone, cold, tired and now shoeless due to the slipperyness of our flip flops- we made it!


We got picked up at 6pm outside the theme park, driven straight to the airport looking like drowned rats. Quick change and ready for our 8.30pm flight! ALL CLASS I TELL YA!

Next stop…. NEW YORK

Orlando Magic

May 14-16 2009



Well, if you are not going to a theme park in Orlando…. Don’t go to Orlando.


I’m serious.!


I walked 7 miles and if you don’t want to buy ridiculous souvenirs, cheap electronics, eat oversized portions, take a spin in a go-kart or play miniature golf- then you have nothing to do.


Downtown is way far away from the theme parks and the airport, and although it is pretty, there really isn’t much going on.


Daytona Beach and the NASCAR Speedway are very cool though  I had a great day eating taffy and ice cream on the boardwalk. I was then star photographer as I watched my bro drive a NASCAR at an average of 147 miles per hour around the track 3 times. He is a natural. Ver proud when he won fastest lap. We then spent the afternoon watching the sunset and  enjoying a nice seafood dinner on the pier at Crabby Joes.


James went to Kennedy Space Centre the next day but I chose to hang out and chill at our cool and cheap hostel/ hotel with pool and my new Israeli friends. However we were slightly interrupted as it proceeded to THUNDER AND LIGHTNING- breaking all expectations of the Sunshine state that is Florida.


So that night we enjoyed a few rowdy sessions of Karaoke under a small umbrella as the rain poured down and the booze flowed. My isreali friend Gad Damjit ( sounds much like GOD DAMMIT…. Best name I have ever heard) tried to hold a conversation with me but the wailings of the hostel owner and his friend were far too distracting. A good night had by all…. And rest needed for the next couple of days!

MIAMI – as Will Smith once sang “WE’RE GOING TO MIAMI”

Off to Miami to join my brother on the actual trip we had planned together. Well, actually it was meant to be from Orlando onward so squeezing in Miami, Key West, The everglades, Daytona and extra day in Orlando wasn’t such a bad side effect of ye olde Swine flu.

 May 12th 2009



I decided to be the ultimate little sister and follow in my big bro’s footsteps, so off I went to Miami with him, it’s tough to be the younger sister. We met a couple of cool Germans Mario and Flo and they drove us out for a day at the everglades with air boat rides, alligator and snake talks and a lovely encounter with Mr. enormous alligator. Note to all– sitting on Alligators is risky, so make sure you can jump very high if you attend to sit on one like my good friend Mario had to do! Hehe. We hit the beach and the very warm water, didn’t see as many half naked women as I thought I would, hmmm stereotypes didn’t live up to standard.


Jamesie and I had a lovely day trip to Key West where we ate Key lime pie, sampled chili’s and went snorkelling on the rough Caribbean waters. A night out to a German restaurant where we tried to put our heads in Steins (1 litre beer mugs) and then on to the famous Clevelander bar… which led to 2 hours sleep and me boarding the bus to Orlando in my attire from the night before!

The trip continues….. in ORLANDO!

USA – Family ties

Again we pick up on my 6 month big trip with me now arriving in Illinois with my brother and cousin and then heading off to the INDY 500, The World’s Greatest spectacle in Racing!




Roscoe, Illinois a small town towards the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, A lovely little place and of course my cousin was there, so it was lovely. I met lots of his friends and even got to go to the local ROCKFORD T.V. station to watch the filming of the morning show, very interesting indeed. Also briefly visiting a wonderful friend Wayne in his little town of Warren where he has just become the Mayor. Yay. James came a day after me and then we were off to a thrilling weekend at the INDY500.



My first cousin twice removed is actually my Grandma’s direct cousin. He is 86, has been doing magic for 65 years and has been working in the pits, garages and suites at Indy for 41 years. My brother James and I were blessed to go with him to the Qualifying weekend, receive an all areas and all access pit and garage pass as well as hang out in the suites when we weren’t down there.


So many stories from only 4 days but a lot of them involve the names of drivers and friends which a lot of people wouldn’t know. But we were very fortunate to meet some of Cuz’s good friends and race legends A.J Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Johnny Rutherford and Mario Andretti just to name a few. Indianapolis itself is a lovely quiet and clean city and Speedway is a very cool place to hang out at in the month of May.

USA – Unbelievable, Surprising and A…. whole lot more!

This was an extended visit in the USA which came about due to the Swine flu somewhat interrupting my plans. 


We pick up here as I am leaving my beloved Mexico where I was doing a 5 month exchange, and we arrive in Houston, Texas….. The adventure continues…


26th April 2009 


So the plans changed a little towards the end as could be expected when A KILLER VIRUS unleashes its wrath on the country you are staying in and you decided to GET THE HELL OUT. Ok…. Perhaps a little melodramatic, especially as we were running around having water fights in our face masks, but still a serious time. From the Sunday morning to the Sunday night 26th April, my whole little Monterrey El Tec De Monterrey bubble had been popped and we were left with killer virus, a closed school and no idea of our plans.

Honestly, this was a scary and sad time. We had our jokes and our fun but I really didn’t wanna stick around to see whether borders closes and any more deaths occurred- so after more than a few tears we headed for THE BORDER! Into the safety… wait “safety”, of the United States of America! Yeehah! First stop HOUSTON, TEXAS.



 I stayed here with a friend from Tec de Monterrey and the 2 Columbian boys at their sisters house. We had lunches, dinners ( so good to order a salad and get a salad) shopping in enormous malls, driving on enormous roads and browsing enormous museums. Everything in Texas is BIG it’s true. And if they can stick a flag on something, they will.

I was in Houston for 5 days with my friends and we took it very easy, catching up on sleep, meeting some new friends, laying in the parks, watching latino Americano films and going to a few night clubs and a day dance festival. But I was still mourning the loss of my semester in Mexico and missing my family, so it was time to head to Roscoe, Illinois to meet up with my cousin and my big brother.