Updating on Study abroad in Mexico – March

Where I’m at!
So Here I am, Saturday morning in the CE TEC (computer building) so basically I’m at home. I have a lot of work to organise before I go away next Friday for 17 days. When I’m away I hope to do a few little updates on my facebook blog every 2 days, then I won’t have to sit down like this and rack my brains for the amazing activities. The upcoming Spring break is scary. It means that when we come back we start preparing for finals and that we only have 6 short weeks left.. well I do. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. At the same time – Things that happened 2 months ago, feels like 6 months ago, so much has happened here! It’s incredible. 
School is going well. The work is pretty basic, just consistent. I have to do a presentation nearly every week for advertising, and we seem to have exam periods every 3 weeks. I’m sitting on about 96% for 2 of my subjects though- UNTHINKABLE IN AUSTRALIA! hahaha. This week I will also be starting the first ever 85Broads chapter here in Mexico. It’s a lot of work but this amazing club needs to be here. Tec De Monterrey has great facilities and resources for the students and this group can really benefit the women here. Exciting, a lot of work – but ya’ll no me¿ I love it.
Oh and I got a job hahahah SURPRISE SURPRISE. I have been helping on a Facebook group as a promoter of fiestas/parties in and around Monterrey and this weekend I helped a mate organise a CATAMARAN PARTY- will report back next week! So the local club has asked me to work as a promoter. Basically, go there, party and get 2 x1 drinks always. More friends I go with, the more fun I have, the more money I get. Life is hard I tell ya 😉
In general, really happy here. A few hours of grumpyness here or there when maybe my coffee takes too long or I have to deal with IMMIGRATION AGAIN, but otherwise Mexico is living the dream!

March in Mexico – General Highlights


  • Catamaran party – Ummm so cool! See the pics! 60 people on a boat on a  lake surrounded by mountins, drinking, dj, sunset – oh and it was $27 Aussie HAHAHA muy barato! So cheap!


  • Jackie James, Adair’s best Aussie mate, coming to visit in Monterrey- loca chica! Crazy times were had – including a night at a concert, meeting some new Mexican friends and drinking until sunrise before heading to IHOP for breakfast!


  • Beth, my American friend from Texas who I met at Australian Unigames, coming to stay with me for 5 days and me feeling obliged to show her ALL that Mexico has to offer- and we did!! Thanks for helping me see my city babe!


  • Our friend being pulled over by the police for his headlights being dodgy, him having an attitude problem, his car getting towed and then my friend from class rocking up randomly cos he saw a blonde girl on the side of the highway- go figure!


  • Hanging out with my New Mexican friend in his brothers recording studio- and perhaps helping the band to promote themselves.
  • …..  yes there is a theme here, most things happen at parties!


  • Being asked if we were Canadian or American by 2 sweet girls having a bet at the movies


  • Walking home from the cinema and seeing a sleeping man on the street, dogs barking and being shouted at from cars- REMINDER We live in Mexico!


  • nearly forgot….. BACKSTREET BOYS!!! I went to see my childhood hearthrobs- who I am again in love with as they crooned away to all my old faves- well actually I would have liked a few more but hey- Nick is crazy, AJ got fat and bald, Brian is now like a country singer and Howie got hot! go figure!


  • BEACH PARTY -my Aussie boys, drew, Paul and Simon, yet again decided to throw an EPIC PARTY!! Firebreathers, red and green lights over the entire apartment complex, a dj, mini pools all over the terrace, THE HOT DOG MAN (see pics below) and probably well over 400 people- more I’m guessing,. And the most disgraceful mess in the morning WOO WOO! Good work boys!


  • Watching my friends in their band, Mexicans, RADIO ANDRES! So great. And they came and performed in my school. I really like their music and want to help them with PR….. haha always working.

The Jungle Gems of Mexico


and the areas surrounding.

Inside the amazing Castilla de Sir Edward James

Inside the amazing Castilla de Sir Edward James

My favourite shot from the whole trip

My favourite shot from the whole trip



A very different trip this one to the others I had been having in Mexico. I usually have been going away with my friend Adair and then always  few from our social circle. This time I went away with different friends. SPANIARDS! My roomies Laura and Pedro, Nekané and Julen. 

We hired a car on the Friday morning of the long weekend (13-16th March) and went off on the 8 hour drive.. or more, through winding roads, PELIGROSO curves- dangerous  curves, beautiful spanning desert, Tequila plants, farmland, mining plants and finally to the Jungle of Xilitla. The car trip was really nice, sleeping off my hangover, then chatting in Spanish, then tuning out to the Spanish, and a few laughs of course- also very yummy lunch.


We arrived late in Xilitla had a nice little dinner in this quiet, misty hilltop town, very traditional, then bed in our quaint little hotel.

Early up for CASTILLA DE SIR EDWARD JAMES- An amazing set of houses, monuments, structures and crazily architectured pieces in the middle of the jungle- stairs to no where, crazy colour’s abstract arts, pools, open windows, houses with no roof- the guy was crazy (well he was part of the Royal family) but also had a beautiful mind. I think this is the most peaceful place I have ever been- We had so much fun adventuring around. And to finish off we climbed up through the damp muggy jungle (it was raining) to arrive at the Cascada! Incredible! Later we walked down and I climbed up to it- So incredible, THIS IS WHY I CAME TO MEXICO!


Lunch in a tiny little town, very traditional with little drunk Mexican man in the corner enjoying the ranchero music and trying to encourage me to dance and smiling at our friend Julen…. heheh dinner and a show.

Then we wanted to go to one of the most famous cave jumping spots in the world, but it was pouring, cold and we weren’t even sure the amazing spectacle of the birds, which its almost famous for, would be there. We decided to head on to the next location CD. Valles for some shopping and a nice relaxing movie night- BENJAMIN BUTTON, best movie I’ve seen for a while. Great Day!


Next day was an adventure and a half. Birds singing and sun shining as we awoke! Drove to the CASCADAS DE TAMUL, where we rowed in a boat- literally guys I had to row for like 2 and half hours- WHAT! Then we see the amazing Cascada, surrounded by the crystal clear aqua blue water. On the way back stop we at a random hill. We scammer up, following all the people (so many people) see another waterfall before being greeted by an open cave where you can swim in the crystal clear waters as the sun kisses the water- MAGIC! Pedro and I weren’t so peaceful, jumping off the walls etc- but what an incredible experience, and EVERYONE was so happy.

Next we decided to drive again through the winding mountainous roads; past the beautiful farmlands- what I like to call REAL MEXICO and again what I came to see, to an amazing little town TAMOSOPO. Again Cascadas. There were families everywhere having arrachera bbq´s and playing in the falls. It was such a wonderful atmosphere, real family holiday stuff. Here we were able to jump off ledges, off a diving board which really was about to break- into the waterfall and swing off a rope swing- heaven! We finally left for home sadly as it was getting dark- I begged them to leave me but to no avail.

The group was great- my Spanish was getting me by but sometimes hard to keep up, especially once tired. That night was rather quiet, dinner, an attempt to go bowling only to have the lights switched off on us and then a few games of pool. I don’t get a chance to do chillax stuff as Monterrey is always PARTIES, so this was just fab!

Last day. We went off to a Zona Archaeologica in the morning. I’m sure the historic relevance was there but there were no guides, no signs, and no info- so instead it was lots of grass and rocks- hmmm NEXT! Then we went off to yet another Cascada, de MISCOS. This place was incredible. A huge mountain with an amazing cliff face in front, and then you walk down past some lovely touristy outlets, see the traditional food stands and restaurants including pollo asada- chicken BBQ, and then the families again playing in the falls Crystal clear waterfalls, hundreds of tiny falls, a giant lake, boats, butterflies, crazy cool trees and also the opportunity to go jumping in the waterfalls off 8 jumps. Sadly we didn’t swim, we just enjoyed the sights sounds and later the amazing tastes of the BBQ. Very Mexican. Love seeing the family life.

Long car ride home, but all really close now and lovely just to rest with my friends!!