Just a weekend trip in Mexico

30-01-09 – Monterrey – Mazatlan

So being a true little traveller, Im off today to Mazatlan on a 15 hour mexican bus…………. probably not my best decision! But its going to be one hell of an adventure!
Out til 3am at a cool club on a terrace last night…. this is a regualr occurence here
-Learning Salsa, its amzing, im obsessed
– Mi espanol es slowly getting better, I think I know more than I realise
– Sorry to say… not missing home at all. Extremely comfortbale here
– Many many cultural differences but its all fine
– Uni is easy but consistent with work……

Ok thats a little summary



About Lovelly

I'm a true traveller. Even when I'm home, I'm travelling at heart. I'm constantly looking at blog sites on travel and checking out the travel deals and you can be assured that I've got the travel and lifestyle channel on in the background. I'm fun, friendly and adventurous. I'm extremely passionate and driven and once I decide I'm doing something, there is no stopping me! I want to incorporate my passion for travel, exploring and excitement into my everyday life. So blogging it is! View all posts by Lovelly

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