Just a weekend trip in Mexico

30-01-09 – Monterrey – Mazatlan

So being a true little traveller, Im off today to Mazatlan on a 15 hour mexican bus…………. probably not my best decision! But its going to be one hell of an adventure!
Out til 3am at a cool club on a terrace last night…. this is a regualr occurence here
-Learning Salsa, its amzing, im obsessed
– Mi espanol es slowly getting better, I think I know more than I realise
– Sorry to say… not missing home at all. Extremely comfortbale here
– Many many cultural differences but its all fine
– Uni is easy but consistent with work……

Ok thats a little summary



Mexico City- My first taste of Mexico

02-01-09 – MEXICO

I have now arrived in Mexico City! It’s Fantastico!
Sorry my grammar is bad but the keyboard is weird!

About to go on my first walking tour. Only got to my hostel at 7.30pm.

Thought I might die on plane first due to being hungover- second due to some massive turbulence and lack of communication from the cockpit (we actually like bounced off the runway).
Then after roaming the airport trying to find hostel info so I could call mine to get a cab I got a cab by showing the address and explaining in my broken espanol- which is being understood!! yayyyyyy

But! Pero pero pero (but but but – in Spanish)
I get to the cab and they are like no no no, cerrado = closed! I was like no this is my hostel and so they said they could take me close but not to it….. um OK!
After a scary cab ride in fear of being taken to the random depths of the city, I realised they meant there was a huge festival on and so you couldn{t get close to my hostel so I had to walk for 2 calles or streets- the cab driver was very good with directions and I understood- ENTIENDO!

So i went to the new years festival- which actually goes for a month and has the most incredible lights I’ ve ever seen! I can actually see them now hear from where I’m sitting!

Oh gosh- gonna miss the tour! Must go
Hable luego!!!
(Speak later)